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Our Story

Welcome to Bespoke Bifold Doors!

Having been in the industry for 30 years, trading as Bedfordshire Windows, our team know a thing or two about what makes a stunning home. With all these years under our belts & the expertise in both manufacturing & installing, the decision to expand into Bifold doors was a logical one. Not least because our team were already seeing a demand. When visiting customers homes it was not just asked for, but evident that bespoke bifold doors were an option we could offer that would elevate our customer’s homes to the next level. 

As a leading double glazing and home improvement company in Bedfordshire, we pride ourselves on our innovation, quality, first-class service and attention to detail. This gave us an extremely strong foundation to expand our horizons & become the expert in bespoke bifold doors as well. We had the knowledge, access to the products & vision to make peoples home better than they could have ever dreamt. 

We cater to all of our new and returning customers needs to the highest level. We proudly boast the most environmentally friendly, thermally efficient and only lead-free window profile on the market today. We supply A+ Rated Windows as standard. Many UPVC windows can lose 25% of your household heat but with our unique range, we can reduce that dramatically.

With our multi-chambered design it means the transfer of heat and cold is minimised. Keeping your home warmer and your energy bills lower as well as helping the environment.

We have no intention to rest on our laurels. Bespoke Bifold Doors will continue to innovate, seeking our more amazing solutions to the ever increasing demand in modern homes. We will invest in the latest products and designs, making your property inviting, stylish and filled with light while adding that bit of extra class and wow factor.

Latest Posts

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Supply a truly bespoke solution where range is not a stumbling block & any idea is possible when working with our team.

Our Vision

To change the life of everyone we partner with by reshaping the way they use they property, through the use of bespoke solutions tailored to their needs. 

Our Values

We value partnerships. We want to partner with people to to provide an amazing service & the result of their dreams, flooding their property with natural light. 


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