When it comes to window repair, replacement, or upgrade, glazing is a viable option to take for various reasons. Glazed windows can regulate energy consumption, reduce cold patches, control noises, and add another layer of protection.

For the uninitiated, window glazing entails installing a number of glasses in a modern window. For the most part, modern houses have single-glazed windows. While double glazing has two panes of glass, triple glazing has three panes. 

For your window upgrade, you can choose between triple-glazed windows and double-glazed windows in Bedfordshire. When deciding to choose between the two, here are five key factors to consider:


  1. Overall pricing

When choosing between double and triple glazing, you have to factor in your overall budget. Of course, you’ll only invest in something that you can afford. Obviously, you would expect triple glazing to cost more than double glazing due to the added window pane and the expensive manufacturing technique. If you need overall efficiency and comfort, then triple glazing is your best bet. If you want to save up a little, then opt for double glazing instead.


  1. Energy consumption

One major reason that many households consider installing window glazing is the increase in energy efficiency, which means less energy consumption. An extra pane can decrease heat loss, and the additional air gap helps in keeping your home comfortable. The more glass is installed, the higher the energy efficiency is. For this reason, triple glazing is more energy-efficient than double glazing.


  1. Reduction of cold patches

Cold patches become apparent in many households. These occur due to condensation when excess moisture in the air comes in contact with cold windows. As a result, this condensation then creates water leading to cold patches. When it comes to the reduction of cold patches, triple glazing is more effective than double glazing.


  1. Noise control

Window glazing is an excellent solution for reducing noises if you live in a rowdy and crowded area. When it comes to this, the thickness of the glass is key to sound insulation. Also, the more window panes, the higher the noise reduction capability of a window is. Therefore, triple glazing can better control noise than double glazing.


  1. An added layer of protection

Having additional panes of glass for your windows provides an added layer of protection. For this reason, your windows will become more secure. They won’t easily get shattered when a storm strikes, or someone tries to smash it and break-in. When it comes to choosing between double and triple glazing, the latter offers more protection.



Choosing between double glazing and triple glazing doesn’t have to be difficult. Understand, however, that each type of window glaze has its pros and cons. When deciding to choose, consider the factors outlined above—overall pricing, energy consumption, reduction of cold patches, noise control, and an added layer of protection.

Overall, the type of glazing you choose depends on your priorities, budget, and the level of efficiency you need from your windows.

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