Bifold doors are quickly becoming a household name for modern homes. Its flexibility in any situation makes it a better alternative than traditional patio doors or French doors. Its features can give you surprising advantages, whether you plan to have small or major home renovations.


Why choose bifold doors on your next home extension?

Understanding the benefits of different additions to your home will help you make better options for your home renovation project. The more you know about the kinds of fixtures and installations, the more versatile and practical your designs will be. Bifold doors open a world of opportunities for the numerous directions for your home makeover.

In this article, we will share five advantages of installing bifold doors in your home.


  1. Bifold doors give you wider spaces to work with

Unlike traditional doors, you won’t need to cover a large swing area for bifold doors. This change in accessing rooms makes a considerable difference in your room planning options. Since bifold doors take up less space to open, you will have a larger space to work with. It’s a feature that can benefit people who want to maximise small spaces or those who live in compact apartments.


  1. Bifold doors allow more natural light to enter your indoors

Another disadvantage of swinging doors is that they cover an area of the room to restrict natural light. A bifold door can do wonders on increasing your home’s use of natural light, whether you want to go for small replacements or major renovations. Breaking down your home’s wall space with a glass bifold door can light up any dark room.


  1. Bifold doors blur the lines between your home’s interiors and exteriors

Besides allowing more light to pass through to your indoors, bifold doors are also great dividers between your home’s interiors and exteriors. Converting your wall space into an entrance to your patio is a brilliant way to give your living room an outdoor view that you can enjoy. You can use it either as a comfortable viewing space or expand your capacity to host parties with more expansive areas.


  1. Bifold doors give you plenty of flexibility in its form and design

You have plenty of flexibility on bifold doors, regardless of the space that you need to fill up. Like bespoke windows, you can create a tailor-made configuration that will suit your rooms. You can adjust the number and size of leaves, and whether you want specific materials or colours for finishing. This variability can make it fit any room, from your kitchen to your veranda entrance.


  1. Bifold doors enhance your home’s security measures

Besides its apparent aesthetic improvements to your home, bifold doors can also improve your home’s security. It contains multi-point locking systems which will be tougher to crack than dead-bolt and cylindrical locks. Potential threats from forced entry will be much lower since bifold doors have a more complex locking system, unlike traditional doors. With its durable metal frames and glass panes, it’s an added security measure that enhances your home’s defences.



Bifold doors add a contemporary feel to your project, whether for your interior or exterior home renovations. It’s an excellent way to enable your home to have modern designs that promote versatility with functionality.

The best part about installing bifold doors is that it can fit your preferences, regardless of your project’s size. We provide bespoke bifold doors in Bedford to help you find a tailor-fit solution for your home renovation project. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll craft a unique and personal product that fits your home’s needs.