There’s a reason why double glazed windows and doors are very ubiquitous. They are beautiful, sturdy, and functional. As the name suggests, double glazing means sandwiching two panes of glass with a space between them. Sometimes space is filled with inert gas or is left as a vacuum. Either way, they are designed to reduce heat flow, keeping the heat inside your house in the winter, which is where you need it.

While designed mainly for increased thermal insulation, there are several added benefits to installing double glazed windows in your home. Here are four reasons why double glazing is a good idea.

They Reduce Energy Bills

As a direct result of better thermal insulation, your heating systems will have to work a lot less hard throughout the year. This means that because double glazing prevents heat flow from both sides, you’ll have a warmer house in the winter, and a cooler house in the summer. Not only are you living in comfort, but you’re also saving money from energy bills.

You’re Helping the Environment

While reduced energy consumption may benefit your wallet, it also helps the environment in the long run. Just by installing your double or even triple-glazed windows, you’re already reducing your carbon footprint.

They Increase Your Property Value

People love double glazed windows and doors for both their aesthetics and functional value. This is why if you’re ever planning to move into a new house, installing double glazed windows will definitely raise your house’s curb appeal. With these windows installed, you can be assured of a better deal.

They Limit Noise Levels

Because of the air gap between the two sheets of glass, double glazed windows and doors have the added benefit of being good sound insulators. This is great if you live in a busy area that receives considerable street traffic and noise levels during the day, or if you live in a fairly quiet neighbourhood but like putting on some music on speakers. Because the noise insulation works both ways, you’ll be able to enjoy conversations and even moderate volumes of music without disturbing your neighbours.

They Can Protect from UV Damage

If you’ve ever done some redecorating around your house, you’ll have noticed that the items which get exposed to sunlight will have a lighter shade than the ones that do not. This discolouration is caused by ultraviolet rays in sunlight. These damaging rays are particularly damaging to fabrics with bright colours, appliances made of plastic, and wood furniture and surfaces.

Double glazed windows provide significant protection for you and your household items from harmful ultraviolet rays by blocking most of the spectrum. While this will not provide total protection, it will help your furniture and decor last longer. For added protection, double glazed windows and doors have the added advantage of being easily outfitted with tint.


What’s not to love about double glazed windows and doors? They reduce your energy requirements, keep noise levels down, and even provide some protection from harmful UV rays. With very minimal maintenance, your double glazed windows will last you for years, and you’ll be just as impressed since day one.

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