Modern houses require innovation and creativity. Much of the trends today dictate an interior run by nature, and if the idea of bringing in as many potted plants as possible isn’t working, a bifold door may be the perfect solution.

Bifold doors are an amazing way to welcome natural light. It allows a home to be one with nature, integrating two separate spaces and turning it into something unique. It can also work magic and make small rooms feel larger than normal, as well as make any space feel more modern.

Glass, however, can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Jumping into the project comes with plenty of decisions, both encompassing technicality and aesthetics. Before embarking on your renovation, here are four things you must take into consideration:

1 – A combination of function and style

Glass can be hard to deal with. To make your renovation more amenable, why not throw swinging doors and retractable systems into your plans? While making your space look more aesthetically pleasing is the goal, never overlook the purpose and functionality of your room. Consider the traffic flow, as well as the entire use of the space. If it’s the living area, you may want your bifold doors to be installed away from electronics, perhaps swinging onto the garden instead.

2 – Relative ease of use

You may want to install bifold doors to make accessing your outdoor areas easier, but remember that glass can be heavy. For a good experience, ensure that your doors are retractable and can be operated single-handedly, as this ensures open and closing functions with minimal efforts.

3 – Harsh weather conditions

Glass is breakable—as such, using it as a wall means ensuring that it stands up to daily use, as well as be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Opting for an aluminium barrier, for instance, can help protect your frames from exterior elements, including UV rays. If you’re living in an area prone to wet weather, for instance, make sure that your chosen glass systems are waterproof.

4 – Security reasons

Unfortunately, purchasing bifold doors also means baring it all for everyone to see. This may make your home vulnerable to unwanted guests and pests, so ensure that your chosen products can protect your home. They need to be strong enough against break-ins.

5 – Maintenance

Spotless glass is undeniably attractive—if you leave it with spots, marks, and fog, however, it makes your space look unappealing. Before purchasing your bifold doors, consider cleaning and maintenance. You’ll have to ensure that it remains crystal clear, meaning that you have to dedicate a bulk of time ensuring that they’re spotless. A good window cleaner would be a good investment.

The Bottom Line

Bifold doors add value and charm to any home, especially since it can turn any space bigger, brighter, and more attractive. You’ll need to consider function, ease of use, security, maintenance, and of course weather conditions.

Bespoke Bifold Doors understands what it means to make a stunning home. We know everything there is to know about glass window systems. With creativity and innovation, we’ll help transform your home!