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Bifold Patio Doors Bedford | Patio Sliding Doors Bedford

Cortizo Bespoke Bifold Doors

Affordable Bifold Patio Doors & Sliding Doors in Bedford

From maximizing natural light in your house to making your property look more compactour bifold patio doors Bedford are the best option for you. And the list doesn’t end here. It actually offers enhanced security along with being low maintenance too.

Our bifold patio sliding doors Bedford are gaining popularity because of the advantages they come with. You can go for Cortizo or Alumina Premium Bifold Doors, depending on your preference, lifestyle, and house decor.

Our guaranteed services along with top-notch customer service will surely impress you.

To choose the best bifold patio doors or patio sliding doors in Bedford, kindly give a call at 01234218178.

Beautiful, Bespoke Bi-Fold System

Maximizing energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to atmospheric agents.



Once your order has been placed one of our team will contact you to discuss the configuration options for your bifold door.

N.B. where a Ral colour option is required please call directly for a quotation on 01234 218 178.

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All of CORTIZO’s enclosing systems are tested in the Test Laboratory at the Technological Center to guarantee the best performance in water tightness, air permeability and wind loads, endorsed by the maximum results in its test qualifications.


Nowadays energy efficiency in buildings is a demand made, both by the architects, as by the final customer, aware of the importance of saving on heating costs and those associated with running an air conditioner. CORTIZO meets such a challenge with systems for every climatic area, with a high insulation coefficient to ensure comfort in the residence.


In order to transform the residence into a private space, intimate and free of noise pollution, CORTIZO has designed its enclosing systems with all the latest technological developments necessary to ensure peace and relaxation in your property.


The whole RAL colour chart is available in a powder coating, exclusive powder coating, metallic, textured, wood effect or more than 100 anodized finishes. We are offering 4 exclusive colour choices to order online, but please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you had something else in mind. Aluminium on the outside and wood on the inside, two-coloured finishes, there is an unlimited number of combinations to create harmony at home with over 700 just for CORTIZO on our site!


We create tailor-made windows and façades for every project, with creativity to answer aesthetics and functionally for each demand. We prefer aesthetic answers to technical needs, creating beautiful, habitable environments.


Aluminium is the most durable, long-standing and resistant material of those used in enclosures. Aluminium has the strength and durability of the things that last a whole lifetime.


Respect for the environment is CORTIZO’S commitment. Using innocuous raw materials and products in all our manufacturing process and the limitless possibility of aluminium recycling, allows us to remove any creation of waste and environmental risks.

Our Bi-fold system employs a Thermal break especially for enclosing large gaps with the most avant-garde aesthetic. It has a variety of compositions up to 14 sashes in outwards & inwards openings.

This allows us to inlay the bottom frame, leaving the threshold completely accessible.